Concept Sketch Reno

These services designed to help people to get started


·          House Renovation, alteration and extension

·          Know where to demolish, where to make new changes (additions)

·          Know how much it cost for the work.


·          A preliminary desktop check on planning, overlay, etc.  

·          A meeting onsite or at our office to confirm the details of proposed work

·          Confirm existing conditions (on-site) 

·          Concept design sketch floor plans & area assessments

·          Estimate of cost of work. 


Reno QuickSketch


How to Buy this pack ? 

You can click "Add to Cart" then follow through to order. 


Note: If you are going ahead with the work, a full credit of $1500 will be given to the job.


Alternatively, you can write an email to, with your request to buy .

Please ensure you provide, site address, phone number, and use "QuickSketch Reno" as email title.