Preliminary Advice Service

This is designed to help you prepare or know whether you can build a pod from backyard pods before you place a order. 



What's included in this pack: 

  • Check if your selected pod size is doable on your land (the remaining space)
  • Check planning overlay, zoning requirement
  • Obtain title info, covenant info if exists. Advice on the impacts of the covenants on the proposed work.
  • Advice all required items for building permit
  • The outcome maybe: a NO GO, alternative solution, or a YES (good to go) advice. 
  • If a YES, Then, we will provide you a quote to prepare all the required steps. 

Turn around time: 

  • Generally within 24 hours after payment received. Sometime a bit longer as your site  in a zone that we need to contact the Council and seek their advice, or a tricky covenant that require further investigation

NOTE:  this fee will be credit back to the job, should you go ahead with it.

Pre-Order Service Pack

Advice on Building Permit

Preliminary Advice Service


You can click "Add to Cart" then follow through to order. Please use the 'note' section to enter your pod size, and any question that you may have. 

 You can also pay it now via Paypal. 

Alternatively, you can write an email to, with your request to buy .

Please ensure you provide, site address, size of pod, phone number. 

Note: We might contact you to offer some verbal advice also.