saigon welcome arch, footscray

We were invited to design a special project by the Vietnamese Community organisation for this project, headed by mr. An Nguyen. 


The project has faced many controversies, later became a political mess. 

At the peak of it, we have lost interest in politics of it. We have missed out of entering the right channel to lodge the design for consideration. 


The design however formed from the personal journey of a boat person, the former refugee, architect Nam Huynh, to express the depth of the value of what it means to be a Vietnamese refugee after the fall of Saigon, and what we (the Vietnamese community) have achieved since in our new homeland. 


A full design statement on the pdf doc below.


Vietnamese communities elsewhere in the world wish to learn more or adopt the design are welcome to contact us.  




Saigon Welcome Arch Final Submission
Architect's design statement and sketches in Vietnamese and English
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.4 MB