Altona Meadow Primary School 

How do you give more then what the client's ask for? 

This was what got us this commission.


We were invited to solve the internal layout problem, however upon a physically site visit, architect Nam Huynh saw another problem to be addressed. 


Most primary school in the Victoria is single level. This particularly school built with flat roof, and with no sense of entry.


Apart from solving the client's brief of the external layout, Nam gave the school a much needed entrance. 


This was a success. 


And, this was what we received from our happy client in 2010.


" We contacted 3 Corners who developed an innovative design for us to consider. The finished  work looks fantastic and is a credit to 3 Corners for their vision of the completed works.  I would recommend 3 Corners to other businesses and companies to consider for their upgrades/renovations etc."

Bill Reid

School Principal

Altona Meadows Primary School (